Apr. 17th, 2006

Entry #6

Apr. 17th, 2006 07:41 pm
dandy_bro: (Johnny - May Hug)

Captain's log~!

Despite the dense and often suffocating air of darkness that has befallen us. A small.. eh.. or should I say petite? That sounds far more complimentary, ah-hahaha.. yes! A petite ray of light has shined down upon me! .. Why.. just not me, but all who happen to behold the gentle smile and bubbly laughter of dear sweet May..

Ah yes! May, First Mate of the Jellyfish pirates, and my most precious one has returned to me at long last!

I am overjoyed to know that she is safe now.. And what safer place to be than in her own Captain's arms, hm? This Johnny would never doubt!

It seems though as coy as it is, that she had been plotting the events of our reunion beforehand.. As I found these darling little art-pieces tucked behind the brim of her hat!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Good show, May-san! That's my Princess.. Always thinking ahead!

Though I admit the last piece is quite the understatement.. eh heheh! I nearly lost my crown in the passionate impingement..

I of course, like the gentlemen that I am, entreated her to a lovely bouquet of light orange 'Violet Carsons'.. And a regal kiss upon the hand. I am her knight after all!

To the rest of your girls: Dizzy, April, Sephy, Febe, March, April, June, July, Augus, Octy, Novel and Leap! Expect a million roses upon my return as well!

Janice, if you can understand this, I know how smart of feline you are, expect fresh ground yellowfin tuna with a hint of tamari and wasabi, ahahahaa.. Be grateful you know they're extinct in our time!

Know that Johnny longs for you all and that your First Mate is back where she belongs..

May-san.. You are always home in my embrace.. ♥



Monotonous Recording... )

((ooc: May-mun forgive my lateness. The lack of net is stabbing many pains across my body! Oh the suffrages I must endure! OH! ...Yet fear not! I am still contemplating my next move on acquiring a laptop and such.. I'm sure May will be fine with Axl around to baby-sit.. uh.. I mean.. be an escort as well! ♥ ))

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