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[Accessing World Wide Network... Auto-login Successful... Receiving Files...]



[Click.. click.....CLICK! Clickclickclickclickclickclick!]

Jo~ohnnyy~!! The console did something that I don't know don't know don't know what it is but your picture is on it and it's a REALLY good one too why don't I have that photo in my room are you holding out on meeee~??

Hm..? May, what have I said of toying around with this? Tsk.. tsk, is this the sound of no desserts tonight I hear~?

Uwaah! But it made noise and it never did that before and I was just being As-ser-tive and fixing it for you! Johnny's so mean!

Ooii, per-haps that was a bit premature.. Let us see here.. Wanted.. One-hundred billion world dollars? It's nearly quadrupled.. Was that piece of junk really all that worth to them? Tsh.. .. Heh! One would think with money like that IPF could be spending it much more... productively. Annnd.. using the Forbidden Network no less..

What.. are... they.. up to?

Adventures in Forbidden Editing )
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Dear Angel people! Thank you for making it easier for me and the crew to find our beloved Captain before our SQUISHY HUGS AND KISSES VALENTINES DAY!

At first I was like WWAAHHOO WHY ARE WE BEING TRAPPED IN LIKE THIS!? I've never been behind bars before because Johnny's just that good at getting us girls outta scrapes, heheee not that we can't do as good as he can! We were taught by the master of course! ^_^

But THEEN I was all There's people! All over! No more monsters and weird vampires and lions and tigers and bears even though I like bears (like Roger!) and kittys (Like Janus!) but not when they try to bite me, because then they that means no catnip for a week! BUT BUT BUT That means Johnny is close by!

He's here he's here I KNOW he is! He's going to get it so BAD when I see him!! ... Not before giving him lots of hugs and kisses ♥♥♥♥♥ ^^!!

We're on patrol now so no one get in our way! We're ladies on a mission. A mission of love!

But.. um.. Just in case you do see him... We're putting fliers up (They're the ones I collected off the streets when the Holy Knights put their first bounty out on him! I have these ALL OVER my room, hehehee!) all over our special little sector! It's got all the info you need on him!

We got a spiffy REWAAARDD for anyone that finds him too! This is from all our allowance moneys put together. :3 I've been saving! So please take a look if you've seen this handsome dazzling super uber face around! ♥!!

Holy Knights Official Wanted Poster! )
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Hi hooo! This is First Mate May reporting! It's the 25th of Deeeeeeeeecember! And you know you know you know what that means, ri~ight?

It means it time to give me presents! .... Oh! And the crew too! I've been looking to get March a new penguin, or at least something that doesn't look all gross and chewed and drooled on like her's.. But umm..

Guu... You know I don't know if this is considered mutiny or not. But.. BUT! .. I KNOW Johnny would want us to have a happy jolly-holly time today! Mu.. and to think I've been saving this piece of mistletoe just for him all year.. I'll make him make it up to me when he get's back, that jerk! One kiss for every day he's been gone! That should teach him! Leave'n a girl alone on CHRISTMAS of all days! Ooohh why when he walks in that door...!

Dynamu left a long while ago.. he said he had to go look for something! I think it was for Johnny and I know if anyone could find him, it'd definitely be him! He's all super advaaaaanncceed and stuff! So so.. Maybe he might come after all! Waaahh so excited! I wonder what April got me, I hope it's something sparkly, sparkles always remind me of Johnny...♥

So we’re having a celebration at the Rose Garden today! If you wanna come, it’s just by the big orange ship that says ♥ LOVE JOHNNY ♥ on it! You can’t miss it!

But you know what makes this day even MORE extra special? Because some lucky bum happens to have been born on this day too! I searched and searched and searched, and just KNEW Johnny had gotten him a few things for his birthday.. But I couldn't find one of them! Oh well, he probably would have thought it was funny away... buuuuuuuuut! We DI~ID find the ootthheerrr thiiing Jooooohnny-luv got hiiim ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Shh! SSSSSSSSSSSHSHSHSHSHSSSH!! I think I hear Megumi coming! Everyone get into position! You all remember his catchphrase, right? Dizzy you stand here, April stand next to me, okay? June don't you eat that chicken! Uwaah Sephy watch out you'll drop the plate and--

Yes! )
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Please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLLLLLEASE!! Anyone.. Anyone who knows anything about... Machines.. and Robots.. and.. Bio..degra..da..ble... stuff! WE NEED YOUR HELP QUICK!

We've been able to stabilize him WE THINK.. how do you really check the vital signs of a robot!? and he seems in a really, really, really deep sleep.. The bleeding I didn’t know robots COULD BLEED. stopped after we cauterized but.... but.. but.. He has NO ARM. And NO LEGS.. How will he walk again without those!?

Please, someone has to know something about this! Johnny didn't teach us about this sorta technical mumbojumbo TT___TT!!!!!



Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:09 am
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I've made.. a grave mistake...

I shouldn't hav--

--What's perfection worth if--


heart broken..

was better off K-krrsshhh..!


not the one he deserves..


It's not... me he lov--G-aagh! GEH-HAAWK~!!

What is this...!?

[Animalistic Bellow]


......... . . . .

Johnny? ...Johnny?! .. KYAAAAAAA~!!

........ . . . .

His VRD.. Johnny.... Where--


A picture worth a thousand words )

((ooc: EDIT: Wah! Sorry I guess I wasn't clear enough... Johnny's Recording, is just what it is, 'A Recording' The picture was for your refference as a player only. For the moment, not even Johnny's crew knows he's been turned into a monster. Sorry for the mix-up ;;

REFER HERE FOR HOW THIS CAME ABOUT. The virus infected into Johnny through his trial with Robo-ky has finally been brought to life, thanks to alittle help from Jack's party, and his careless gallivantings with Dynamo and Axl ♥ ... Johnny's not going to be around for a long while ♥ This is what you get for being a stud-master. Beast design and artwork (c) Dynamo ♥ ))

Entry #24

Oct. 30th, 2006 08:32 pm
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Captain's Log!

Ahh the sweet smell of victory. Do you scent it perfumed in the air as I do? Perhaps you are all still muddled up by your current state of affairs.. What with one strife ending, another pops up! Ah such is the burdened of life.. darkness hangs in the balance. Always there. Ever near. I believe everyone will face their trails soon enough in this world we're in now.. We're here to be cleansed, no? And all guys and gals share some sort of sin, even to the smallest white lie..

Ya know, I believe man can achieve perfection.. Why look at this miraculously pristine body before you! I'm one of the great examples! But man has to 'want' perfection, before he can claim it, you know.. Nothing can be forced on humanity. That's why we have so many rebels. That's why we have people like me around. Hey, you all may think what I did was a bit foolhardy. But which of you has even bothered to fight back, aye? It's all fine and dandy if you wanna stay here.. Who am I to keep you from being self-preserving? So I suppose I've been going out here, sticking my chiseled nose out for the lot who are still yearning for their home.

I've always taken my home with me where-ever I go, so really I got no homesick problem, save for the fact I got some nice folks back in my own time who need much more attention than the one's here. Ya know, back in the place where people appreciated my work. Ah well ah well, I suppose this world is full of pessimism and one just does not know how to look on the bright side! One does not know how to look for a way out. One does not even want to put the effort into it!

But I have to say.. it is endearing to see those that are making the most of what they have here... Unwilling to stop their lives to be lived because a simple change in scenery. Why look about you today! The city is covered in ornaments and party favors of all sorts! This is what I like to see! This sort of enthusiasm in my people who still believe in having a good time even in dark times. Such optimism makes my grand heart sing... And you can bet I'll be joining you tonight for the garish festivities..

Megumi, I know you've caught yourself in a bit of a mess, and I've come to wish you well, I hope you do not mind visitors.. I'll be sure to let the occupants of the castle know of my magnanimous presence.. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to miss what I've dressed your sweet prince up as~♥

Naa Dynamo? Come out of hiding, I have something especially special picked out for you!

To all you still willing to have a good time, this Johnny bids you a merry night!

It's raining Cats and Dogs! )
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First Mate's Log!

Today's the day girls! Johnny's been soooOOOOoooo pooped from his stupid trial, but we're gonna make this day extra extra EXTRRRAAAA super stupendous for him! Oooohh knowing him he probably forgot again since he's been asleep ALL DAY LONG! If he keeps be'n lazy like that I'm gonna be SO MAD if he gets FAT! Buthewouldntbecausehe'sJOHNNYandJOHNNYcantBEFATthat'sjustUNPOSSIBLEsoNYA! Mmuuu.. Since we got here I found out this is the kinda place that anything you could ever dream of, and I wasn't sure what to get him, since if he really really REALLY wanted something, it'd be in his lap! Not that it's any different in any other world, heheeeee Johnny has the world on a silver platter uh huh! So I thought I'd get him something he lost!

Well sortaaaaaa.. See, he got all his cards burned in the trial sooooooooo.. I GOT HIM NEW ONES!

Look! There's Me and Dizzy heeheeeee! ♥ ♥

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And here's those other borrring people )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nyyuu.. I hope he likes 'em. I still don't know what all the gibberish means. But he just throws them at people anyway! So I don't think it'll matter! They're still pretty and wonderful and... Oh no! March nononononooOOOooo don't eat the cake yet!

WAAAH! We gotta wait for him to wake up Maa~arch! )
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Captain's Log!

It's been some time, since the spirits of the people were lifted! I.. Your Captain of the skies. Your personal Amoroso, Johnny. Beseech you all! But most especially.. My dance partner for the evening!

Yes you! You Metallic, Manacling, Monotonous, Monotype, Monothematic, Magnificent, Magnanimous, Molecular, Machine! I've come here to this square to offer you my hand. Yes this hand, the hand of Robin Hood! Would you believe it? The great and eccentric one. Fiend of fiends. The dastardly Criminal of Crimes. Giving up!

But... Not as you think..

You have to work for it!

Non, non, non, this man cannot just go behind bars without a fair match to bring him down, no? Not that you can. Nor that you will.. But I'm a nice guy. I'll let you try! Anything for the sake of the dance!

Anything to fight for the freedom to love and be loved! Forgive me if I am out of line.. But such a law has no merit over one such as myself.. No.. For I am the essence that is Empathy!

So come now! Or come all! You're welcome to see the choreography I've written.. This will be no punishment to fear.. Non, non and another non! Not at all! I will lead you this day, and show you that though we may be caged in a world not our own.. We are not powerless!

With great beauty and extraordinary smiles, I will show you all the strength we have inside..

Come! Let's make this a tango one cannot forget! With the fires of passion this man, Johnny sets the world alight~♥!

I do hope this get's your attention...


((ooc: Fireworks of bourbon and whiskey dazzling across the sky in the center square! All in the lovely shapes of "J"'s to flush his dance partner out into the open. Johnny welcomes you to the square with treats and good music! And once the fair Avatar Robo-ky makes the stage, the real show will begin! ♥ ))

Entry #22

Oct. 5th, 2006 07:22 pm
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Captain's log!

A good first round if I do say so myself! Certainly the kind of excitement I was looking for in this city that seeks to oppress.. One does not usually encounter toys that can summon the elements to their command and lash them about wildly. Surely I would have enjoyed a better formation.. Yet the chaos of it all certainly readied me for my real punishment!

I honestly look forward to it with open arms! With a scuffle with such.. simple sentient beings, I'm more inclined to dance with a automaton with a bit more personality..


Entry #21

Oct. 1st, 2006 07:23 am
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Captain's Log!

My, my, and another my! Such distasteful and distracting creatures.. Here I thought listening to the local media would garner some much needed information.. Instead the poor people of this city are denied knowledge by such bothersome and useless interruption..

I do hope the next time they attempt to cause havoc it actually has a 'point'.. Dynamo? You've been looking for some fun, no?

Why not show these walking jungle-gyms what a real automatron can do... You have free-range. I can't have my people in fear of toys so very silly..

My ears are still ringing from so many garbled voices speaking at once over eachother.. They should learn how to take turns! Seems, only fair, eh?


Entry #20

Sep. 29th, 2006 03:43 am
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Captain's Log!

The rumours of my arrest have been greatly exaggerated! Yet I implore you all who have come to my defense.. That this Johnny is truly honored by your noble standing! The world who loves him never fails to show their gratitude.. and he in turn never fails to repay them for their loyalty...

He swears to you to make this a dazzling display in your honor!

To the Holy Officer with his orders to sentence me.. Let us meet in the square before the grand fountain! There we shall dance a waltz the likes these people have not seen..

I promise never to disappoint.. So let's make this flashy, no~♥?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Entry #19

Sep. 24th, 2006 08:22 am
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Captain's log.

Tonight I stood out on the roof of the pagoda.. And watched my girls dance about in the lights of the colored lanterns. It was the first time I had seen them without worry etching their brows since they heard those terrible screams from the city and the multiple gunshots that had been ringing out in the night.. It's the first night I've had not the heartache of hearing them cry.

I stood there and thought what it would be like if every night could be as jubilant as this..
[Voice_Encrption_Activated] )

Entry #18

Sep. 22nd, 2006 03:58 am
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Captain's Log! Ah.. perhaps I should have this signal encrypted.. Now where's that switch.. ♥♠♣ Nonononon.. not card insignia.. Encryption! ├┤☺ш ▼℮®¥ ▲∩№¥ị∩Ģ...

Encry--! [Signal blocked from AK/Avatars/And Allies]An announcement to all Innocents! )


Entry #18

Sep. 9th, 2006 02:16 am
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Captain's log:

This.. is a most disturbing predicament. A hallucination? A nightmare? What is this.. what is.. I cannot express, nor fathom the amount of shock and.. awe.. and.. What's become of me! I would never dream of this! NEVER! Not like this..! I take care of little women!


As you.. may notice. Captain has.. misplaced his VRD, and has resorted to using this.. sweet little.. girl's.. endearing laptop. Luckily this Johnny still knows his way around a deck.. er.. Desk top.

Right right.. These hands are so.. small and delicate that it's difficult to get used to picking up or touching anything.

And I.. have found it most hazardous to pick up that little stick over there.. So seems black tech isn't beyond this child's touch and I... turned the sofa into a several rabbits who proceeded to copulate and scurry out the front door and into the streets..

This is a disgrace... I will be sure to erase this memory before it's burned into any unwanted minds..

However.. to make light of my situation.. I took the time to primp and preen this sweet girl into the likes of a young lady. Such lovely hair should not be left unbrushed!

This message shall self-delete...!

Enty #17

Aug. 28th, 2006 12:35 am
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Girl's.. This.. may sound harsh yet.. I propose there be no watching of children's television shows for.. quite some time.

In fact, let us merely have quiet time for a week or two, shall we? Johnny... has a headache from all the.. endless cycle of melodies, hmmmnn...

For now, we've settled our ship in the outskirts of the city, where the brush is dense and the air is peaceful.. Ah, just what I long for.

Though in my quest to find a moment of solitude, I found a darling young maiden, washed up from a horrific battle.. Megumi? Rest well, your wounds are far less severe than I had thought, yet we cannot be too careful, no?

For now.. let us be content in the blissful sound of silence..

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♪♫Being a pirate is alright to be!

You do what you want for a pirate is free!

You are a pirate!

Yar har! Fiddlty dee!

If you love to sail the sea!

You are a Pirate!

Hmm~mmm.. Seems we've found ourselves in uncharted musical territory.. What say you make of it, May?

..Ah.. May-san?

Johnny! I want pink hair like that girl! Puulleeaaseee can I have pink hair pretty pleeeaaassee?!!?

E-ehhy... You're hair is.. most beautiful the way it is, Princess..

Oh! You really think so?! ♥♥♥♥

...ehhh.. Very.. much so, sweets..

Now, back to our.. Matter at hand.. So seems we've come across a word ruled by hand-puppets and... Strange men in tights..

All run by a eccentric little girl in pink who randomly breaks out into Eupo-pop song and dance..

It's... rather mesmerizing.. and difficult to resist joining in I.. I ah..! Whump~!

Here's a Real Pirate for ya mateys! Sing it, Johnny!

Naandaa..? Er..D..Do what you want for a pirate is free!
You are a Pirate!

Yar.. Har.. Fiddle.. tee dee.. Ugh.. Being a Pirate is alright with me! Do what you want because a Pirate is free..
You are a Pirate!
You Are A PIRATE! )

Entry #16

Aug. 22nd, 2006 12:09 am
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Captain's Log..

Across the world, this man is called by many a name.. to the Spaniards he is "Pistolero." To Italy is he is "Inamorato amoroso." The French, "L'Amoureux." And the German, "Der Luftpirat." Different words.. But they all mean the same thing.. Johnny: The Slinger, The Enamored One, The Lover, The Rogue..

For today at this moment though.. He's "The Closetaire." It's been a few hours now I've been stuck in this rather roomy walk-in closet.. I've made myself a bed in a clothes hamper just to get comfy and have resorted to coin tricks, sleeping, and drinking to keep my mind off the.. certain.. noises I hear outside this door.

An interesting night I must say.. Though I rather not throw my flirtatious airs upon just ANYONE again.. Such things could lead to...ah.. problems, persay.. Could give them the wrong idea you know? And I hate to be a heartbreaker.. I'm a man who heals the wounded heart!

Ah.. Yet now the house seems to be quiet. Though the cat burglar never leaves without his calling card, does he? I do hope my sweet Goddess gets the message..

Farewell for now, I shall return when the day be marrow~♥


A Gift for the Goddess )
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Captain's Log~♥!

Today is a day of amore! Do you not feel it? The scent of ladies perfume wafting the air! The pulse in your veins, it flows like fire straight to the heart!

Don't you feel it? The sensation that transfixes you to the one you adore most! How you suffocate freely and drown in their presence alone!

Do you feel it? Yearning to quench your forbidden thirst! Craving just one delectable taste!

Don't you feel it? Setting your desires alight.. burning to the deepest core of your lonely soul.


Do you feel.. Me? My arms around you.. Kiss your woes goodbye..

Don't you feel me? My love pressed only for you.. soft against your lips aquiver..

You Will feel me... My dearest one.. This day of amore~♥


Entry# 14

Aug. 15th, 2006 07:13 am
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Captain's--AWk! ... ow.

Watch out down there! Aww, Captain, can you throw that wrench back up here? ...THA~ANK YOU!

Ahn.. as I was saying..

Captain's Log!

Our beloved May Ship's gotten herself into a tight spot.. Yet is it nothing my crew and I cannot wedge out of! The weekend's events left many troubled.. and to that I offer my personal condolences. Any woman willing to weep is open to my generous shoulder!

For now.. we've stepped right into enemy territory.. Yet fear not! Johnny is well on his way to gathering the scattered pieces of his grande vessel.. and will be disembarking shortly..

Not before he makes a quick scouting of a future battlefield, hmhm..

Currently, we are one member short, yet I've taken the liberty sending her a dazzling sign in the sky, to find her way back to us... It is my hope I find her on my brief outing. Dizzy, do well not to talk to strangers, right my lady?

And Kiske, you're chariot awaits you! Make haste! You don't want Sol to run the bar dry before we get there, do you?

Megumi, I trust you are well with your companions.. Contact me if there is anymore I can console you on~♥

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Captain's L--..Ernn.. What more is there to say, eh?

I've tangled with the wrong person, don't you think?

Aw.. Johnny! It's not so bad! You still got me~♥

Fawned! Toyed with! The gods of time and space leave my mouth dry as a wasteland!

You need a drinky-poo?

And tarnish the liquor with these wild ideals in my head? I'm out of my mind..

You, Johnny? Never EVER! We got to get you back on your feet that's all~♥!

And now.. a Musical Interlude.. )
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