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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Laguna, California, United States of America
Website:.:Ad Interim RolePlay:.


Name: Johnny
Weapon: Shirisaya
Height: 6'
Weight: 159 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Southern California, USA
Birthday: October 24th
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Hobbies: Chasing Beautiful women/Looking for companionship
Favorite Thing: His Cherished Guitar collection.
Dislikes: Guys who don't "get" jokes.

Quote: "I'm absolutely perrrrfect!"

The Good: He's your modern-day Robin Hood Casanova.

The Bad: Has a tendancy to keep many things from others.

The Ugly: The bounties.


Always seen in his classic black leather trench, it’s obvious he really has no concept of a shirt. As he keeps the coat wide open, exposing his sun-kissed and expertly toned torso, right down to his matching leathered dress-slacks. A large gold buckle is kept hung at his hip; used more as ‘protection’ than a gaudy ornament.. There’s no telling when an opponent will take the cowards way out and make a low-blow. His crown of long blonde hair, tied back in a low pony-tail, is topped with wide-rimmed leather hat. A rim that shields his god-like face from blinding those who have the fortune to see it.

Though most infamous are his dark shades, that mask a pair of midnight-blue eyes. It had been known that those who had rare glimpse of them became frozen in shock by their piercing gaze. So, in order to give his opponents equal ground, he wore his father’s sunglasses to keep them hidden at all times.. It was only in his instincts to be fair, right? And they’d soon come to realize they were no match for the unseen blaze of his mastered sword, anyway. Such the Nice Guy, wouldn’t you believe?

[Background Info]

Honest, generous, and benevolent. These are only three of the thousands of Dazzling synonyms to describe the Perfection that is Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates. He’s no ordinary rogue, of course, as he could plainly explain to you with just a look at his ravishing crew. Sure, at first look one would think, ‘My! What a lovely ensemble of women you have there! Johnny, how ever did you come about such a particular crew?’ Why! The honorable act of humanitarianism, of course! How could you even doubt Johnny’s chivalrous ways? You’d be mad! Or severely blinded by your own jealousy…

But fear not, Johnny forgives such misconceptions of his stylish carriage. It’s natural to think something dastardly of a handsome man harboring a crew solely of young women. Yet you have not heard the whole story! Remember the saying about a book and it’s cover? Johnny himself as a young man at the tender, Tender age of thirteen, lost his beloved father to the carnage of the Holy war. And just like these poor souls now thriving on the bow of his elusterous May Ship, he was left an orphan.

Johnny was once a man reluctant to open his heart; a heart that had succumbed to loneliness when he experienced the callousness of a world without love. It was a tragic time in a young boy’s life, but it was then that he came to a startling revelation! Looking about the destruction left in the Holy War’s wake, he found orphans just like him at every turn. It was then the man realized as he got stronger, that Love is not something to be received, but to be given! To be extended with compassion to the weak and lonely soul, in a world that love was so necessary to truly, TRULY live! This was his code. His honor. Where he soon derived all the joy and contentment he could ever ask for.

Of course.. Generosity never came cheaply, as he soon found out. He followed in his father’s footsteps and took to the air as a rogue. The future’s own Robin Hood, you could say! Rob from the rich, give to the poor. Lift up the downtrodden, and smite the wicked that trampled their dreams. That sorta razzle-dazzle, brought about with a regal elegance only Johnny could manifest.


For Johnny, saving those in solitude, whether human or animal, is his duty.

Eternally light-hearted in spirit and florid in tongue. And Endlessly chasing after the fickle Goddess of Amour. His pleasant aloofness to the world is just a part of his foppish demeanor. And he is far more shrewd than he appears. Both knowledgeable and experienced, his confidence and slick charm can get past any tight situation without so much as breaking a sweat.

It’s only natural for one as Perrrfect as Johnny.

-RP journal for Johnny of Guilty Gear by estranger

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