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And he blazes a dazzling pathway across the heavens!

HHHMMmmmnnn..Ahh.. Now if that wasn't the most fulfilling beauty rest I ever had, I don't know what is!

What has it been, a month and five days? To have been asleep so long I must be Thirty-six times more handsome than before!

And once again my girls show their brilliant resilience during my little holiday, which quickly reflected unto me the moment these lovely eyes opened.

Ah yes I feel as strong as a stallion in the starting-gate! Ready to sprint into action!

In the cockpit now, our location is over clear blue waters in clear blue skies... Which is.. June, could you hand me your sextant? Thanks, Lovely~♥ We~er're.. Heading east towards the Congo?

May wanted to see the giraffes cause orange is her favorite color!

We've been conserving fuel and the port ahead is a good place to fill-up!

There's a darling little oil-rig right off the coast, Captain~♥

An we hit this place before, no prob nab'n a few hundred gallons!

That's my girls! Always thinking ahead! Wonderful!

Now the question is, what of my other comrades, hm? Seems I have some updating to do...Ah?

Jo~ohnny! The oil rig is dead ahead!

Looks like it's my turn to boogie. April! Jellyfish, let's lilt to starboard! Ready to maraud and Dive at one knot on my mark!



Entry #11

May. 24th, 2006 04:55 pm
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Captain's log~! Agh-errnn..

Aahh Ahem..! Goddess of Luck, Goddess of Fate.. You have been generous to your loyal Johnny! Conspiring together to bring me back where a Captain belongs.

Where, you ask?

After the explosions.. much is a gauzy blur!

Kiske, prattling on about hospitals.. Things a rogue can't be bothered with, you know? Any excuse to get this man behind bars! Honestly, does he not give up?

The next thing I know, I'm in a daze.. Thinking about home and..

Well here I am!

Dandy as ever and ready to--G-EH~!...

Hmm.. A dazzling escape.. I'm proud to have gone out with a bang. A smoldering reminder that you never steal from a capital thief! Our vengeance knows no bounds of the world, Ahahah-ANHH.. uhnn..

Megumi, I pray you are well.. Perhaps your smiles will gleam far brighter than ever before now?

Riku-san.. Ha, twilight isn't so bad, huh? Look how strong it's made you! Like basking in the sun, without the burn!

Ranmaru-san, maybe you'll bloom with your comrades so loyally returned to you.. You got your hope back, I know you'll never let it waver!

Miss Aerin.. Hmmm you put up a good fight.. I'd like to waltz with you again very soon.. on.. less serious grounds.






May. 6th, 2006 05:41 am
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Captain's Log~!

The Noble Goddess swift and sure.. guide my blade, let justice endure!

Goddess of Fate be with me.. save those whom I long to be..

Trust me and we'll flirt till the end of days..


Entry #9

May. 5th, 2006 01:49 am
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Captain's Log..

Journeying with Miss Megumi has been a soothing one.. Despite the literal Oblivion we're heading towards.

She's lit the way though she's troubled. I understand what a lover feels when they are without their inamorato.. It is likened to a piece of your heart.. adrift at sea and slowly disappearing over the horizon. You sail on the winds of devotion, desperate to reach out even as the current flows against you..

That's how this place feels.. The farther we go, the more it feels as if we're standing still.. And they drift--

What's with this place?

Everything's the same.. Castle walls, yet not a corridor in site.. Stairs after endless stairs.. doors to doors.. leading us from one illusion to the next!

I'm just following the trail of my heart.. Drifting, drifting.

Drifting, drifting.

Axl.. Don't turn us away! Don't turn me--..

This place is worse than purgatory, Ky would be livid, heh heh!


Entry #8

May. 1st, 2006 01:46 am
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Captain's log..

Surprises are abound now aren't they? What's Lady Luck flaunting me with this time?

First I part ways with my fellow man, trusting him with my first mate.. while I take the initiative to lend a hand in rescuing our precious little orchid..

Then.. the recordings started.. This Johnny, is not partial to sounds of distress. It comes with the job description.. Yet that sound.. that sound..

I've heard it before... But it was from him. .. You fool, you stupid, stupid fool! It wasn't enough she was attempting to steal your heart.. but your whole body too? That wench.. she'll never get away with this!

Not so long as I know he still has what I gave him.. That clueless little-- haha.. He wouldn’t even know how close it is to him now.

Yet that's not all is it Lady Luck, hm? You bless me with yet another charm! A rose-blossom no less.. Hmhm, she's really everything he said she'd be. Strong-willed, humble, glowing, and blithe.. A Goddess by any other name.

Maybe Lady Luck's smiling more upon him now?

Whatever she's doing, I'd much rather be doing the smiling myself. I'll smile brilliantly for you, Luck would envy! You wouldn't doubt me, right?

There's just one thing that's refusing to quell through all this... these pangs in my chest.. I'm not sure what they are.. Hm, nothing I cannot handle.


Entry #7

Apr. 29th, 2006 05:24 am
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Captain's Log.

Damnit.. This overwhelming sense of dread... can I really be feeling this again? ..No! What am I saying? This is another vivid nightmare to test my will! .. There is no doubt! .. There is No Doubt..!

Perhaps it was a misstep in my keen judgment to let him fend for himself, h-hahaa. That troublesome dog, heh! Why he's a walking disaster! It is no surprise that.. e-eh..


Forget prayer. I'll deal justice in my own hand. I have the Ace here! ...Axl.. To think I'd hear that same sound again from your mouth.. hm, and.. to think I sought all I could to never relive that again.


Entry #6

Apr. 17th, 2006 07:41 pm
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Captain's log~!

Despite the dense and often suffocating air of darkness that has befallen us. A small.. eh.. or should I say petite? That sounds far more complimentary, ah-hahaha.. yes! A petite ray of light has shined down upon me! .. Why.. just not me, but all who happen to behold the gentle smile and bubbly laughter of dear sweet May..

Ah yes! May, First Mate of the Jellyfish pirates, and my most precious one has returned to me at long last!

I am overjoyed to know that she is safe now.. And what safer place to be than in her own Captain's arms, hm? This Johnny would never doubt!

It seems though as coy as it is, that she had been plotting the events of our reunion beforehand.. As I found these darling little art-pieces tucked behind the brim of her hat!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Good show, May-san! That's my Princess.. Always thinking ahead!

Though I admit the last piece is quite the understatement.. eh heheh! I nearly lost my crown in the passionate impingement..

I of course, like the gentlemen that I am, entreated her to a lovely bouquet of light orange 'Violet Carsons'.. And a regal kiss upon the hand. I am her knight after all!

To the rest of your girls: Dizzy, April, Sephy, Febe, March, April, June, July, Augus, Octy, Novel and Leap! Expect a million roses upon my return as well!

Janice, if you can understand this, I know how smart of feline you are, expect fresh ground yellowfin tuna with a hint of tamari and wasabi, ahahahaa.. Be grateful you know they're extinct in our time!

Know that Johnny longs for you all and that your First Mate is back where she belongs..

May-san.. You are always home in my embrace.. ♥



Monotonous Recording... )

((ooc: May-mun forgive my lateness. The lack of net is stabbing many pains across my body! Oh the suffrages I must endure! OH! ...Yet fear not! I am still contemplating my next move on acquiring a laptop and such.. I'm sure May will be fine with Axl around to baby-sit.. uh.. I mean.. be an escort as well! ♥ ))

Entry #5

Apr. 5th, 2006 11:09 pm
dandy_bro: (Default)

Ahahaha.. Eh, Captain's Log!

Cruising the network I happened to find some rather entertaining things. Games of the mind were always one of my favorites.. next to the Game of Love of course! ♥

Games for Axl and people of the Twenty-First century! )


Entry #4

Apr. 5th, 2006 09:30 pm
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Heart)

Captain's Log!

Hmm.. I'm beginning to believe this feeling of..

Is it Contentment?

Whatever it is.. It must be contagious. For this lighthearted sensation has refused itself to leave the sanctuary of my heart.

Perhaps it's this place? Though I couldn't see WHY by just looking at it.. It’s dank, and cold, and dreary.. yet it almost has that grayscale to it where you're motivated to smile, just to brighten the atmosphere around you.

I cannot say.. Maybe it's something else.. Hn. Something startling that even to acknowledge it fully would threaten to careen me into questioning! Questioning myself? Absurd!

What's to question when everything is in tact in the glamorous mirror before me, hm?

Or perhaps it's just hi--Mnn..

Eh, I believe I've been out of my own time-frame for far too long. I'm beginning to feel delusional! Is this a side-effect of the sickness?

May-san, if you can hear this, Johnny misses you babycakes. ♥ I know the ship and the girls are in good hands with you leading them to victory! .. Ahh.. a lady after my own heart.

Though reading through the plethora of queer comments left on this time's Network.. I'm dually interested in these 'portals'. Is this a jest or is it actually possible to pass from this world to another? I understand Axl's disease, but this seems just farfetched enough for me to investigate!

Captain Johnny signing out!


Entry #3

Mar. 20th, 2006 12:22 pm
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Captain's log! ...eh Captain's log..

I suppose it would be polite to keep my enunciations down.. I am unsure if our lovely traveling companions are asleep yet.. dreaming of beautiful things with their beautiful hearts.. Ah, truly they are a sight to be awed.

There's the orient Ranmaru.. who is as delicate and calm as a sakura-blossom on the wind.. Yet keen in eye and sharp with tongue. A diviner worthy of any suitor I might add!

Riku seems to be a smart child, slightly awiser than his years let on.. A tad passionate, yet that’s just what I like to see in a boy his age.. Never give up your beliefs if you are sure they are absolute truth!

Miss Tonari.. who is.. Well there is no other way to place this, yet she is quite the dark Vixen. Seamless in body, though curious strikes upon sight of her eyes.. She reminds me of another Lady in Red I once knew. That sort of dangerous beauty you look but mustn’t touch, but you must touch!

And then there's of course, Axl. Who I've finally had the fortune.. or perhaps is it misfortune? Of meeting up with.. However, it is comforting to see a familiar face in such an unfamiliar time. He has the sort of air about him that alleviates any sense of...

No nevermind..!

Ahem.. Where this journey will take us now, is only up to the merciful fates to decide. I however long to play their game, so long as I have loyal comrades at my side.

A thought occurred to me though, that should I..er not.. Not that I wont! But if the situation allows it, I would like to form a new crew.

Of course only until I find proper transport. And who wants ANYTHING from this time? These vehicles still use fossil fuel! Deathtraps! All of them! I'm surprised we haven't seen explosions all over the place..

Were things always so primitive here?


Entry #2

Mar. 17th, 2006 06:07 am
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Captain's Log!

A bright day is ahead of me, as it's come to my attention that I am not exactly alone within this antique world. It seems a few of my comrades from my time have been thrown through space as well and landed around this very area! Would you believe it?

And speaking of antiques... while I'm here I could gather a few for my collection back home.

I managed to hitch a ride with a lovely young lady, and am now in the heart of London.. It's a tad dreary for my tastes.. But it'll manage as long as I can meet up with some familiar faces.

All this solitary time has been alittle unsettling to say the least.

However with this new score at my hands, I'm bound to find a way back! Keep your smiles dazzling, ladies. Captain'll be there soon!


Entry #1

Mar. 16th, 2006 02:44 am
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Hm...)

Captain's Log.

March 16th.

It seems I've found myself in uncharted territory. My whereabouts? Hmm.. Unknown at the moment, yet it seems I've been marooned as unbelievable as it sounds. The sea's vast horizon and heavens above are barren. Not a single ship in sight.

It's queer, yet as I look about, it's as if I'm in another time and place.. as if I've tripped and fallen through space and the ages themselves..


The ages.


Fallen through time!

No. It's impossible! I could not have conducted that illness.. The last we fought he hadn't laid a single hand upon me! As if there was any doubt! ... Yet..




I've come to a most grievous conclusion. To those years.. maybe eons from now who find this recording device: Johnny, Captain of the Jellyfish pirates, has become afflicted with the dreaded 'Time Axl Syndrome.'

A disease coined by one Dr. Faust after diagnosing one 'Axl Low' with the condition. Symptoms? It causes one to pass through history at pure random. Known cures? None. Prognosis? Possibly fatal.

Yet fear not! This world is bound to hold some hidden secret.. A treasure worthy to be unearthed by your's truely to bring him back home to his dearly beloved. Girls, keep the deck warm for me.

Johnny's on his way!


Signing off!


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