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Hi hooo! This is First Mate May reporting! It's the 25th of Deeeeeeeeecember! And you know you know you know what that means, ri~ight?

It means it time to give me presents! .... Oh! And the crew too! I've been looking to get March a new penguin, or at least something that doesn't look all gross and chewed and drooled on like her's.. But umm..

Guu... You know I don't know if this is considered mutiny or not. But.. BUT! .. I KNOW Johnny would want us to have a happy jolly-holly time today! Mu.. and to think I've been saving this piece of mistletoe just for him all year.. I'll make him make it up to me when he get's back, that jerk! One kiss for every day he's been gone! That should teach him! Leave'n a girl alone on CHRISTMAS of all days! Ooohh why when he walks in that door...!

Dynamu left a long while ago.. he said he had to go look for something! I think it was for Johnny and I know if anyone could find him, it'd definitely be him! He's all super advaaaaanncceed and stuff! So so.. Maybe he might come after all! Waaahh so excited! I wonder what April got me, I hope it's something sparkly, sparkles always remind me of Johnny...♥

So we’re having a celebration at the Rose Garden today! If you wanna come, it’s just by the big orange ship that says ♥ LOVE JOHNNY ♥ on it! You can’t miss it!

But you know what makes this day even MORE extra special? Because some lucky bum happens to have been born on this day too! I searched and searched and searched, and just KNEW Johnny had gotten him a few things for his birthday.. But I couldn't find one of them! Oh well, he probably would have thought it was funny away... buuuuuuuuut! We DI~ID find the ootthheerrr thiiing Jooooohnny-luv got hiiim ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Shh! SSSSSSSSSSSHSHSHSHSHSSSH!! I think I hear Megumi coming! Everyone get into position! You all remember his catchphrase, right? Dizzy you stand here, April stand next to me, okay? June don't you eat that chicken! Uwaah Sephy watch out you'll drop the plate and--


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