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Oct. 30th, 2006 08:32 pm
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Fancy that..)
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Captain's Log!

Ahh the sweet smell of victory. Do you scent it perfumed in the air as I do? Perhaps you are all still muddled up by your current state of affairs.. What with one strife ending, another pops up! Ah such is the burdened of life.. darkness hangs in the balance. Always there. Ever near. I believe everyone will face their trails soon enough in this world we're in now.. We're here to be cleansed, no? And all guys and gals share some sort of sin, even to the smallest white lie..

Ya know, I believe man can achieve perfection.. Why look at this miraculously pristine body before you! I'm one of the great examples! But man has to 'want' perfection, before he can claim it, you know.. Nothing can be forced on humanity. That's why we have so many rebels. That's why we have people like me around. Hey, you all may think what I did was a bit foolhardy. But which of you has even bothered to fight back, aye? It's all fine and dandy if you wanna stay here.. Who am I to keep you from being self-preserving? So I suppose I've been going out here, sticking my chiseled nose out for the lot who are still yearning for their home.

I've always taken my home with me where-ever I go, so really I got no homesick problem, save for the fact I got some nice folks back in my own time who need much more attention than the one's here. Ya know, back in the place where people appreciated my work. Ah well ah well, I suppose this world is full of pessimism and one just does not know how to look on the bright side! One does not know how to look for a way out. One does not even want to put the effort into it!

But I have to say.. it is endearing to see those that are making the most of what they have here... Unwilling to stop their lives to be lived because a simple change in scenery. Why look about you today! The city is covered in ornaments and party favors of all sorts! This is what I like to see! This sort of enthusiasm in my people who still believe in having a good time even in dark times. Such optimism makes my grand heart sing... And you can bet I'll be joining you tonight for the garish festivities..

Megumi, I know you've caught yourself in a bit of a mess, and I've come to wish you well, I hope you do not mind visitors.. I'll be sure to let the occupants of the castle know of my magnanimous presence.. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to miss what I've dressed your sweet prince up as~♥

Naa Dynamo? Come out of hiding, I have something especially special picked out for you!

To all you still willing to have a good time, this Johnny bids you a merry night!

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((ooc: Johnny's trial is of course still being written out HERE , thanks to my idiotic hiatus.. But I'm well now and will be getting back into the swing of things, promise! Picture is (c) My love, my one and only! Dynaaaaaa! )
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