Entry #19

Sep. 24th, 2006 08:22 am
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Love you.. <3)
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Captain's log.

Tonight I stood out on the roof of the pagoda.. And watched my girls dance about in the lights of the colored lanterns. It was the first time I had seen them without worry etching their brows since they heard those terrible screams from the city and the multiple gunshots that had been ringing out in the night.. It's the first night I've had not the heartache of hearing them cry.

I stood there and thought what it would be like if every night could be as jubilant as this..

And I sighed as a cold wind brushed my empty shoulder, reminding me that though I stand as a pillar to them.. I still stand alone. Lone under the dazzling starlight that studs heaven's gown.. Beautiful diadems shining there as our lights of freedom.

Lone to watch my allies scurry under the shade of the willows.. Heheh, Noble Officer arm in arm with Flaming Corruption (Yeah, I saw you) settling in the comfort of eachother's gaze.

There I thought of own lover's heart.. wrought with so many desires.. and one above all aching for another I should not. Yet one cannot control their own empathy once empathy finds you. And though I am lone with my little love, secret and tucked away inside this guarded heart.. I'll be content that I've learned to love again at all..

Be content that I find that love I cannot have worth fighting for.

Thank you Ranmaru-san. For bringing those of us who still strive for happiness together, even if for one night~♥

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