Entry #18

Sep. 22nd, 2006 03:58 am
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Heart)
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Captain's Log! Ah.. perhaps I should have this signal encrypted.. Now where's that switch.. ♥♠♣ Nonononon.. not card insignia.. Encryption! ├┤☺ш ▼℮®¥ ▲∩№¥ị∩Ģ...

There.. Wonderful~♥!


Citizens of Vertere! I have a request amongst you!

In my time on this plain of existence, I've come to witness tragedy and trials of the human spirit.. From the martyrs amongst the Gears and Holy Wars in my time.. To the eugenics of a single race of people.

What I see here in this new world built by beings divine.. Is but a repeat of history's downfalls to create utopia through genocide. And what I see here is genocide of freedom.

I've aimed for perfection throughout my lifetime.. Yet never have I forced those ideals on others. Frightened those into submission like corrupt governments do to their precious people in their haughty shows of power..

A sight I cannot bear and have strived to put an end to by offering my hands to those that are shivering with fear.. Finding themselves unable to fight back under powers that so heavily exceed their own.. that they seem godlike in comparison.

I'm offering that hand to you now. To those of you seeking shelter against what seems to be an impending war. Who long not to fight and are looking for escape.. Myself and my crew will happily protect you.

My ship. My armor. My compassion.

Are yours~♥

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