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Aug. 22nd, 2006 12:09 am
dandy_bro: (Johnny - A rose for you? May)
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Captain's Log..

Across the world, this man is called by many a name.. to the Spaniards he is "Pistolero." To Italy is he is "Inamorato amoroso." The French, "L'Amoureux." And the German, "Der Luftpirat." Different words.. But they all mean the same thing.. Johnny: The Slinger, The Enamored One, The Lover, The Rogue..

For today at this moment though.. He's "The Closetaire." It's been a few hours now I've been stuck in this rather roomy walk-in closet.. I've made myself a bed in a clothes hamper just to get comfy and have resorted to coin tricks, sleeping, and drinking to keep my mind off the.. certain.. noises I hear outside this door.

An interesting night I must say.. Though I rather not throw my flirtatious airs upon just ANYONE again.. Such things could lead to...ah.. problems, persay.. Could give them the wrong idea you know? And I hate to be a heartbreaker.. I'm a man who heals the wounded heart!

Ah.. Yet now the house seems to be quiet. Though the cat burglar never leaves without his calling card, does he? I do hope my sweet Goddess gets the message..

Farewell for now, I shall return when the day be marrow~♥


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((ooc: Durring pervert day, Johnny went to meet Megumi.. and Before things could start to get beautifully adulterous, Axl walked in the door and Johnny was shoved in a closet.. for the rest of the evening. XD ))
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