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Aug. 15th, 2006 07:13 am
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Captain's--AWk! ... ow.

Watch out down there! Aww, Captain, can you throw that wrench back up here? ...THA~ANK YOU!

Ahn.. as I was saying..

Captain's Log!

Our beloved May Ship's gotten herself into a tight spot.. Yet is it nothing my crew and I cannot wedge out of! The weekend's events left many troubled.. and to that I offer my personal condolences. Any woman willing to weep is open to my generous shoulder!

For now.. we've stepped right into enemy territory.. Yet fear not! Johnny is well on his way to gathering the scattered pieces of his grande vessel.. and will be disembarking shortly..

Not before he makes a quick scouting of a future battlefield, hmhm..

Currently, we are one member short, yet I've taken the liberty sending her a dazzling sign in the sky, to find her way back to us... It is my hope I find her on my brief outing. Dizzy, do well not to talk to strangers, right my lady?

And Kiske, you're chariot awaits you! Make haste! You don't want Sol to run the bar dry before we get there, do you?

Megumi, I trust you are well with your companions.. Contact me if there is anymore I can console you on~♥

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