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Captain's L--..Ernn.. What more is there to say, eh?

I've tangled with the wrong person, don't you think?

Aw.. Johnny! It's not so bad! You still got me~♥

Fawned! Toyed with! The gods of time and space leave my mouth dry as a wasteland!

You need a drinky-poo?

And tarnish the liquor with these wild ideals in my head? I'm out of my mind..

You, Johnny? Never EVER! We got to get you back on your feet that's all~♥!

♪Gawd it's absurd here to see you, Johnny!

Looking as if you've been dumped!♪

(M-May-san? Why are you singing?)

(Hush! We're cheering you up with the gift of song!)

♪All the girls here want to free you, Johnny--
Even when you have been trumped!

There's no man around as desired as you
You're ev'ryone's loved Robin Hood!

All the world's laud and aspired to you...

And we're here... to show you... why they Sho-o-ooold!♪

(You're too kind and.. creative.. yet I'm unsure how this helps...)

(Just listen you dope!)

♪No... one's... Sly as Johnny!
No one's Fly as Johnny!
No one's pecks that are flex make us Sigh as Johnny!

For there's no man around half as Gor-geous
Perrfect, a true A-do-nis!
You can try to deny all you want, Yes!
But you'll be so Transfixed you wont know what you Missed!

No one's Soared like Johnny!
To Crime Lord like Johnny!
No one's got a star's shine in his Sword like Johnny!♪

♪♫Amoroso Divine, I'm Exhilarating!♫♪

(There you go, Johnny!)

My- he's the guy, that Johnny!

♪Shout ten "Yo-hos"
Give twelve "Aye-ayes!"
Johnny is Cap-tain
And out-rank you he so can!

No one... Fights like Johnny!
Punch your Lights like Johnny!
In the air no one dares to sail Heights like Johnny!

For there's no one as agile and Honest!

♪♫As you see I have great wealth to Share!♫♪

♪His words are of beauty and kind Jest!♪

(Too right!)

♪♫And who can forget my long stunning blonde hair!♫♪

♪No one's Blitz like Johnny!
Tangles Wits like Johnny!
At the gala parade there's no Glitz like Johnny!♪

♪♫My eloquence shines when elaborating!♫♪


Encore for Johnny!

(Encore, Encore!)

♪♫There once was a boy who dreamed how crime would pay
So lone souls like him could be in charge
And now he's a Rogue and he shows them the way
With a bounty of grace that is laa~aarge~!♫♪

(Wow, he's really getting into it..)

♪No... one.. Raids like Johnny!
Blazing Blades like Johnny!
Then goes strutting about wearing Shades like Johnny!♪

♪♫I'm the Extraordinary Extraordinaire!♫♪

♪Say it again!
Who's a man among men?
And then say it once more!
Who's the Hero next door?
Who's a Studly Success?
Don't you know? Can't you guess?
Ask his fans and his twelve company!

There's just one guy around who's got all of it DO~OWN!

♪And his name's J-O-H- N - ♪

(Hey! What's his Last name?)

♪J-O-H-N - E - ♪

(He has one!?)

♪J-O-H-N-N - ♪

(I dunno either!)

♪Oh Well!♪


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