Feb. 11th, 2007

dandy_bro: (Johnny - May Hug)

Dear Angel people! Thank you for making it easier for me and the crew to find our beloved Captain before our SQUISHY HUGS AND KISSES VALENTINES DAY!

At first I was like WWAAHHOO WHY ARE WE BEING TRAPPED IN LIKE THIS!? I've never been behind bars before because Johnny's just that good at getting us girls outta scrapes, heheee not that we can't do as good as he can! We were taught by the master of course! ^_^

But THEEN I was all There's people! All over! No more monsters and weird vampires and lions and tigers and bears even though I like bears (like Roger!) and kittys (Like Janus!) but not when they try to bite me, because then they that means no catnip for a week! BUT BUT BUT That means Johnny is close by!

He's here he's here I KNOW he is! He's going to get it so BAD when I see him!! ... Not before giving him lots of hugs and kisses ♥♥♥♥♥ ^^!!

We're on patrol now so no one get in our way! We're ladies on a mission. A mission of love!

But.. um.. Just in case you do see him... We're putting fliers up (They're the ones I collected off the streets when the Holy Knights put their first bounty out on him! I have these ALL OVER my room, hehehee!) all over our special little sector! It's got all the info you need on him!

We got a spiffy REWAAARDD for anyone that finds him too! This is from all our allowance moneys put together. :3 I've been saving! So please take a look if you've seen this handsome dazzling super uber face around! ♥!!

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