Oct. 14th, 2006

dandy_bro: (Johnny - Johnny Special)

Captain's Log!

It's been some time, since the spirits of the people were lifted! I.. Your Captain of the skies. Your personal Amoroso, Johnny. Beseech you all! But most especially.. My dance partner for the evening!

Yes you! You Metallic, Manacling, Monotonous, Monotype, Monothematic, Magnificent, Magnanimous, Molecular, Machine! I've come here to this square to offer you my hand. Yes this hand, the hand of Robin Hood! Would you believe it? The great and eccentric one. Fiend of fiends. The dastardly Criminal of Crimes. Giving up!

But... Not as you think..

You have to work for it!

Non, non, non, this man cannot just go behind bars without a fair match to bring him down, no? Not that you can. Nor that you will.. But I'm a nice guy. I'll let you try! Anything for the sake of the dance!

Anything to fight for the freedom to love and be loved! Forgive me if I am out of line.. But such a law has no merit over one such as myself.. No.. For I am the essence that is Empathy!

So come now! Or come all! You're welcome to see the choreography I've written.. This will be no punishment to fear.. Non, non and another non! Not at all! I will lead you this day, and show you that though we may be caged in a world not our own.. We are not powerless!

With great beauty and extraordinary smiles, I will show you all the strength we have inside..

Come! Let's make this a tango one cannot forget! With the fires of passion this man, Johnny sets the world alight~♥!

I do hope this get's your attention...


((ooc: Fireworks of bourbon and whiskey dazzling across the sky in the center square! All in the lovely shapes of "J"'s to flush his dance partner out into the open. Johnny welcomes you to the square with treats and good music! And once the fair Avatar Robo-ky makes the stage, the real show will begin! ♥ ))

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