Jun. 30th, 2006

dandy_bro: (Johnny - Hard to Starboard!)

And he blazes a dazzling pathway across the heavens!

HHHMMmmmnnn..Ahh.. Now if that wasn't the most fulfilling beauty rest I ever had, I don't know what is!

What has it been, a month and five days? To have been asleep so long I must be Thirty-six times more handsome than before!

And once again my girls show their brilliant resilience during my little holiday, which quickly reflected unto me the moment these lovely eyes opened.

Ah yes I feel as strong as a stallion in the starting-gate! Ready to sprint into action!

In the cockpit now, our location is over clear blue waters in clear blue skies... Which is.. June, could you hand me your sextant? Thanks, Lovely~♥ We~er're.. Heading east towards the Congo?

May wanted to see the giraffes cause orange is her favorite color!

We've been conserving fuel and the port ahead is a good place to fill-up!

There's a darling little oil-rig right off the coast, Captain~♥

An we hit this place before, no prob nab'n a few hundred gallons!

That's my girls! Always thinking ahead! Wonderful!

Now the question is, what of my other comrades, hm? Seems I have some updating to do...Ah?

Jo~ohnny! The oil rig is dead ahead!

Looks like it's my turn to boogie. April! Jellyfish, let's lilt to starboard! Ready to maraud and Dive at one knot on my mark!



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