May. 1st, 2006

Entry #8

May. 1st, 2006 01:46 am
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Dust)

Captain's log..

Surprises are abound now aren't they? What's Lady Luck flaunting me with this time?

First I part ways with my fellow man, trusting him with my first mate.. while I take the initiative to lend a hand in rescuing our precious little orchid..

Then.. the recordings started.. This Johnny, is not partial to sounds of distress. It comes with the job description.. Yet that sound.. that sound..

I've heard it before... But it was from him. .. You fool, you stupid, stupid fool! It wasn't enough she was attempting to steal your heart.. but your whole body too? That wench.. she'll never get away with this!

Not so long as I know he still has what I gave him.. That clueless little-- haha.. He wouldn’t even know how close it is to him now.

Yet that's not all is it Lady Luck, hm? You bless me with yet another charm! A rose-blossom no less.. Hmhm, she's really everything he said she'd be. Strong-willed, humble, glowing, and blithe.. A Goddess by any other name.

Maybe Lady Luck's smiling more upon him now?

Whatever she's doing, I'd much rather be doing the smiling myself. I'll smile brilliantly for you, Luck would envy! You wouldn't doubt me, right?

There's just one thing that's refusing to quell through all this... these pangs in my chest.. I'm not sure what they are.. Hm, nothing I cannot handle.


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