Apr. 5th, 2006

Entry #4

Apr. 5th, 2006 09:30 pm
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Heart)

Captain's Log!

Hmm.. I'm beginning to believe this feeling of..

Is it Contentment?

Whatever it is.. It must be contagious. For this lighthearted sensation has refused itself to leave the sanctuary of my heart.

Perhaps it's this place? Though I couldn't see WHY by just looking at it.. It’s dank, and cold, and dreary.. yet it almost has that grayscale to it where you're motivated to smile, just to brighten the atmosphere around you.

I cannot say.. Maybe it's something else.. Hn. Something startling that even to acknowledge it fully would threaten to careen me into questioning! Questioning myself? Absurd!

What's to question when everything is in tact in the glamorous mirror before me, hm?

Or perhaps it's just hi--Mnn..

Eh, I believe I've been out of my own time-frame for far too long. I'm beginning to feel delusional! Is this a side-effect of the sickness?

May-san, if you can hear this, Johnny misses you babycakes. ♥ I know the ship and the girls are in good hands with you leading them to victory! .. Ahh.. a lady after my own heart.

Though reading through the plethora of queer comments left on this time's Network.. I'm dually interested in these 'portals'. Is this a jest or is it actually possible to pass from this world to another? I understand Axl's disease, but this seems just farfetched enough for me to investigate!

Captain Johnny signing out!


Entry #5

Apr. 5th, 2006 11:09 pm
dandy_bro: (Default)

Ahahaha.. Eh, Captain's Log!

Cruising the network I happened to find some rather entertaining things. Games of the mind were always one of my favorites.. next to the Game of Love of course! ♥

Games for Axl and people of the Twenty-First century! )


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