Mar. 20th, 2006

Entry #3

Mar. 20th, 2006 12:22 pm
dandy_bro: (Johnny - Sullen)

Captain's log! Captain's log..

I suppose it would be polite to keep my enunciations down.. I am unsure if our lovely traveling companions are asleep yet.. dreaming of beautiful things with their beautiful hearts.. Ah, truly they are a sight to be awed.

There's the orient Ranmaru.. who is as delicate and calm as a sakura-blossom on the wind.. Yet keen in eye and sharp with tongue. A diviner worthy of any suitor I might add!

Riku seems to be a smart child, slightly awiser than his years let on.. A tad passionate, yet that’s just what I like to see in a boy his age.. Never give up your beliefs if you are sure they are absolute truth!

Miss Tonari.. who is.. Well there is no other way to place this, yet she is quite the dark Vixen. Seamless in body, though curious strikes upon sight of her eyes.. She reminds me of another Lady in Red I once knew. That sort of dangerous beauty you look but mustn’t touch, but you must touch!

And then there's of course, Axl. Who I've finally had the fortune.. or perhaps is it misfortune? Of meeting up with.. However, it is comforting to see a familiar face in such an unfamiliar time. He has the sort of air about him that alleviates any sense of...

No nevermind..!

Ahem.. Where this journey will take us now, is only up to the merciful fates to decide. I however long to play their game, so long as I have loyal comrades at my side.

A thought occurred to me though, that should not.. Not that I wont! But if the situation allows it, I would like to form a new crew.

Of course only until I find proper transport. And who wants ANYTHING from this time? These vehicles still use fossil fuel! Deathtraps! All of them! I'm surprised we haven't seen explosions all over the place..

Were things always so primitive here?


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